The Salsa Works Fresh Salsa



Fresh Salsa

2014 - 1st Place Verde for "Guac 'N Roll"

2014 - 1st Place Hot/X-tra Hot Salsa for "Nuclear"

2014 - 3rd Place Mild/Medium Salsa for "Original"  

2016 - 1st Place Fresh Salsa Hot for "Viva La Verde"

2016 - 3rd Place Fresh Salsa Hot for "Nuclear"

2016 - 3rd Place Fresh Salsa Fruit for "Guac "N Roll"  


2013 - 1st Place Green Sauce for "Guac 'N Roll"

2013 - 1st Place Salsa for "Nuclear" 

2014 - 1st Place Green Sauce for "Guac 'N Roll"

2014 - 1st Place Salsa for "Nuclear"

  • Fresh
  • High Pressure Packaged
  • Gluten Free
  • No preservatives
  • Raw
  • Low fat
  • Low carb

Our story 


"My great grandmother, grandmother, and mother made their salsa fresh. Tomatoes and peppers from the garden, onion, fresh squeezed lime and spices. The flavors and memories of my childhood come alive in every batch. It honors us to share those same great family recipes with you, keeping those traditions alive. Our love of family and great tasting salsa is what you will find in every jar.

 - Ken Salinas

The difference

2018 - 1st Place Fresh Salsa Hot/X-Hot for "Green Ghost"

2018 - 2nd Place Fresh Salsa Hot/X-Hot for "Original Hot"

2018 - 2nd Place Fresh Salsa Mild/Medium for "Viva La Verde"  

2015 - GRAND CHAMPION for "Viva La Verde"

2015 - 1st Place Verde for "Viva La Verde"

2015 - 2nd Place Verde for "Green Ghost"

2015 - 2nd Place Hot/X-tra Hot Salsa for "Nuclear"

2015 - 1st Place Pepper Blend for "Disco Infierno"

2015 - 1st Place Mild/Medium Salsa for "Original"